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How to Photoshop with Scott Strong

Learn about Scott Strong, one of Howcast's Photoshop experts, in this video.


Hi, my name is Scott Strong and I'm a certified trainer for The Training
Farm in New York City. I first learned Photoshop back in about 1993 in
college. I've been using it ever since, but my real instruction on it
happened right after I got out of college. I worked for a licensing firm. I
sat next to a guy who had a lot of print experience in Photoshop and I just
drank in everything that he had to teach me.

Since then, I've gone on to work in animation and in video. I worked on
"Courage the Cowardly Dog" painting backgrounds in Photoshop and then, I
also painted backgrounds for another show for Scholastic called "Clifford's
Puppy Days."

I've won two Emmys for my design work in Photoshop and since
then, I've been using Photoshop on through the years. Now, I teach it for
The Training Farm. I also teach Final Cut and I teach After Effects for The Training Farm as
well. I'm really excited about the integration between After Effects and
Photoshop and also, now Final Cut has a lot of integration with Photoshop
as well.

Now, you can use Photoshop to paint in it. You can use it to
create animations. You can use it to edit video. There's almost no limit to
what you can use Photoshop for. It's really a powerful software.

At The Training Farm, we have a wide variety of courses ranging from three
Adobe courses, Photoshop, After Effects and Premier. We also teach Avid
Media Composer. We teach Smoke and we teach Final Cut Compressor, Logic and
Motion. Any time you want to check us out, you can check us out on the web

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