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How to Do Rib Cage Arms in Pilates

Learn how to warm up for Pilates Mat by doing rib cage arms from Core Pilates NYC instructor Sarah Ruback in this Howcast workout video.


So this is rib cage/arms, the next in our Pilates mat warm-up series, coming right off of breathing, so let's do just 1 more breathing to get into it Madeline. Inhale deeply through your nose, and then exhale, scoop your abdominal's, as you breath out through your mouth.

Now, integrating the arm-work into this, inhale, reach your arms back toward your ears, in through the nose, then exhale, press your arms down toward the mat, breathing through the mouth. And continue here, inhaling, bringing the arms back toward the ears, stretch through the fingertips, then exhale over down.

Alright, so the tendency in this exercise, inhale, reach your arms back toward your ears.

Your ribs will naturally want to pop up off the mat, like a little bit of an arch, the reason why we call this rib cage/arms, is because you feel like your arms are attached onto your rib cage, so push down into my hands here. So you think of your arm work starting from here, which is the base of the core and then exhale, press the arms down.

So, now this becomes a little bit more of an opposition, more intellectual way of looking at it, you inhale as you reach your arms back, and now your thinking of the ribs softening and the belly pulling up. Then exhale, lower the arms right back down to the sides. One last time, inhale, reach the arms towards the ears, now hold it here. In correct form, usually your arms will frame your ears, it's very unlikely that your arms would go down to the mat, usually that signals that your ribs are out. That's it, now lower your arms down next to your hips, and that's rib cage/arms.

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