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How to Do a Pilates Curl

Learn how to warm up for Pilates Mat by doing a Pilates curl from Core Pilates NYC instructor Sarah Ruback in this Howcast workout video.


Next we have Pilates Curl.

So the Pilates Curl now works on warming up the upper part of the body. So we think of the curl happening from the base of the breastbone rather than from the shoulders and head, which is what a lot of people do to lift their head off the mat.

So we've moved sequentially from the lower body up to the upper body. So in our Pilates Curl start with an inhale, Madeleine. Then as you exhale curl your chin towards your chest and tiptoe your fingers along the mat. All right. And then lower your head, neck and shoulders right back down. And again. Inhale to prepare. Then exhale, curl right up at your breastbone and hold it here.

So you'll notice that she's creased right here in the breastbone and the tips of her shoulder blades are into the mat. She's sort of resting on there. Then lower right back down. One more. Take a breath in. hen exhale as you roll up here at the breastbone.

Now, the abdominals pull deep in towards the spine, not popping out but rather scooping deeply into the abdominals and back. And then lower all the way back down. Try one more time here, Madeleine. Inhale deeply and then exhale, curl up at your breastbone, lengthen your arms, pull your abs in and up. And then exhale, lower your head, neck and shoulders back to the mat.

And that's Pilates Curl.

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