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How to Do a Single Straight Leg Stretch in Pilates

Learn how to do a single straight leg stretch Pilates Mat ab exercise from Core Pilates NYC instructor Sarah Ruback in this Howcast workout video.


Third in the series of five is single straight-like stretch. Or, as we commonly call it today, scissors. So, this exercise works on again the pelvic stability while giving your legs a little stretch. You'll work the back of your hamstrings. The goal is to have your legs really straight, like scissors. That's where the name came out of. So, to start, right after double leg stretcher on that, then you'll breathe in. Exhale, lift up your head, neck and shoulders Madeleine. Now, stretch your arms and legs straight up to the ceiling, and hold behind the back of your right leg with both hands. Okay, this is where you have to make some decisions. If you are flexible and awesome like Madeleine, you can hold all the way up to your ankle. If you are inflexible, yet still awesome, you can hold behind your calve, or behind your thigh. So, a lot of people are coming to this exercise will have no way but to have their knee be bent. And that is okay, if this is what you look like, hold here. Okay? Now, reach up toward your ankle, Madeleine for the ideal, and from here you'll pull your leg two times to you...pull...pull..then switch. Pull...pull...and switch. That's it

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