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How to Do a Wall Round Over in Pilates

Learn how to do the wall series round over Pilates Mat exercise from Core Pilates NYC instructor Sarah Ruback in this Howcast workout video.


This is the Wall series. You may do this at the end of your mat class you may not. It's sort of an optional series that's part of the Pilates canon of exercises that we like to incorporate to help find more of your alignment and find more tactical information of how the spine feels against the wall. It's also really great for strengthening your legs. For purposes, there is no wall behind Madeline so you can see a little bit more of what's going on. When you're performing the exercise, you'll stand with your back against the wall, okay.

Then walk your feet forward one-foot length, soften your knees into a slight bend, and find your feet in Pilate's stance. Then, you'll press your arms against the wall, your shoulders against the wall and back of your head against the wall, and find a nice tall supported posture. Inhale to prepare, then exhale. Curl the chin towards the chest and sequentially roll down through the spine, until you get to the small of your back. Then just stay there for a moment and with lazy circles dangle them to the sides here just to release any tension in the arms.

Inhale here then exhale. Build your spine right back up to standing, working through each vertebrae of the spine. Again inhale, lengthen through your abdominals, then exhale. Curl your chin towards your chest. Feel your arms nice and heavy. Feel your upper body heavy but your abs are always pulling you in and up. Again, lazy dangling circles here. That's a nice restorative series after the mat.

Take an inhale, then exhale. Press one vertebrae at a time up to the wall and just notice if there are those a little bit more difficult for you. That might be a place for you to work on. Once more, breathe in, breathe out, roll forward one vertebrae at a time. Let your body just hang, be sure to let the back of the neck and head be heavy. Inhale, then exhale. Roll up sequentially one vertebrae at a time to the wall and come back up to standing, and that's your round over.

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