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How to Do Wall Arms in Pilates

Learn how to do the wall arm Pilates Mat exercise from Core Pilates NYC instructor Sarah Ruback in this Howcast workout video.


The second of the wall series is arms. So, leading from round over your back is still pressed against the back of the wall. And you'll walk your feet forward again one foot length. Then soften your knees.

So, you're actively pressing your back into the wall for support. From here think of tucking the pelvis a little bit. Then inhale. Reach your arms up to shoulder height.

Open them to a T position. Then exhale, circle and down. Inhale. Lift the arms up. Open them. And exhale, circle them down. Inhale. Lift the arms up and hold it here.

So, in this position you're trying to pull your shoulders back to the wall. A lot of times in our posture today we find ourselves like this. So, to counteract this rounding forward you can use the wall for support to find that good posture.

Then lower your arms down here Madeline. Then lift the arms back up to a T position. And reverse this. That's it. And up. One more time here. Inhale as you lower the arms.

Exhale as you lift them up. And come to the center. Then lower your hands down and you can come right back up to standing.

And that's arms.

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