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How to Do Side Kick Inside Circles in Pilates

Learn how to do side kick inside circles, a Pilates Mat exercise, from Core Pilates NYC instructor Sarah Ruback in this Howcast workout video.


This is the sidekick series working in the intermediate system and we'll start with inside circles.

So after you've completed your full series of the beginner variations, front back, up down, and circles, this is the next in the order, inside circles.

Turn your top toes towards the ceiling, bend your top knees sliding your heel up towards your knee, then step on the mat in front of you, and stay right here. Now, try not to hold your ankle, but if you feel like your leg is going to fall to the mat, then just let it lay down on the mat. That's totally fine.

From here, flex the heel and lift it up about hip height. And now begin to draw small circles to the front, about the size of a grapefruit for five, for four, three, two and one. Now reverse these circles for five, four, three, two, and one. Hold the leg right here and then lower it down to the mat.

And that's inside circles.

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