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How to Do Intermediate Pilates Teaser 3

Learn how to do teaser three, an intermediate Pilates Mat exercise, from Core Pilates NYC instructor Sarah Ruback in this Howcast workout video.


This is Teaser Three which follows Teaser Two.

So, from the Teaser Two position you'll lower your feet to the mat and extend your legs long here on the mat.

Now, reach your arms up toward the ceiling and back toward your ears. Inhale. Curl the chin toward the chest. Exhale. Lift the upper and lower body up off the mat to find your Teaser position.

Inhale. Lengthen your spine. Exhale. Curl the chin toward the chest and begin to roll back down into the mat again.

So, we have a full distal range of motion here. So this is why it's the last in the Teaser series in the intermediate system. It's the hardest.

Take an inhale. Curl the chin toward the chest. Exhale on the exertion as you reach for the toes. Hold it here. Breath in.

Breath out. Look down toward your chest and slowly articulate your spine coordinating the upper and lower body down together.

One last time. Breath in. Curl up. Exhale on the exertion. Hold it here. Now, for a challenge lift your arms right by your ears and try to hold them there.

Take a sip of breath in. Then exhale. Chin toward the chest and roll back to the mat from here. All the way back down.

That's it. Lower your hands down towards your sides. And that's Teaser Three.

Now, if you're doing the Teaser series in your mat class you may opt to do a few repetitions of each Teaser. For instance you could do two Teaser Ones, two Teaser Twos, two Teaser Threes.

That's typically how you can do this as a series.

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