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How to Do the Side Kick Rond de Jambe in Pilates

Learn how to do the side kick rond de jambe, an advanced Pilates Mat exercise, from Core Pilates NYC instructor Sarah Ruback in this Howcast video.


Next is ronde jambe, and ronde jambe is not English. It's a French term, so if it seems unfamiliar, that's why.

Ronde jambe is really a dance exercise, and as dancers traditionally did Pilates and brought it to its popularity, they also kind of integrated their own fun spins on exercises that would help them in their own dance routines.

So ronde jambe literally means circling the leg, and it's a big circle. So to start, you'll lift your top leg up towards the ceiling. Lower your foot in front of you and circle the leg across the bottom and your thigh. Lift all the way up to the back and to the ceiling.

And again. Inhale. Circle the leg down and around, and exhale up. And keep going here. Imagine that you have a nice big bowl of cake batter and you're trying to scrape out the inside of the cake batter here with your toes.

One more time. Hold the leg up here. Now you'll reverse. Inhale. Reach the leg to the back. Then exhale. Circle the leg up toward the ceiling. Very nice. Keep going.

So the movement of the leg, the leg does move. It goes from a parallel to a turned out position because that's what happens to the leg when it's working this full range of motion of the joint. So just let it do its thing. It will naturally go where it's supposed to.

Then lower your leg down on top of your bottom leg. And that's ronde jambe.

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