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How to Do Hip Circles in Pilates

Learn how to do hip circles, an advanced Pilates Mat exercise, from Core Pilates NYC instructor Sarah Ruback in this Howcast workout video.


This is hip circles which in the advance sequence, will take the place of can can from the intermediate system.

So, after your teaser series, you'll come up to seated. From here bring your knees together. Lift your arms up, overhead and behind you then bring your hands on the mat. Now bend your knees in toward your chest and extend your legs out to 45 in Pilates stance. Circle your legs to the right, to the center and back into the middle. Inhale. Circle the legs down and around and up.

So, this is super, duper challenging because it's a teaser and corkscrew kind of all rolled into one.
So, work to keep your heels totally even so they're not sliding past each other. This is important in all versions of the corkscrew as well.

And know that you're trying to keep the hips still but they are going to rock from side to side, because you're managing the weight of your lower body here.

One more time here, Madeline. Inhale circle. Exhale. Lift the legs then bend your knees and come back up to seated.

And that's hip circles.

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