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How to Do the Leg Pull-Down in Pilates

Learn how to do the leg pull-down, an advanced Pilates Mat exercise, from Core Pilates NYC instructor Sarah Ruback in this Howcast workout video.


This is leg pull down. Now before we get to the exercise a little discussion about where we are at in the advanced mat sequence right now.

So after hip circles, which we just did, you'll do swimming. So swimming is the intermediate mat exercise that used to be after neck pull. In advanced system it moves almost to the end of the mat sequence in advanced, because you need a little extension before going into this next series of exercises.

So the order would be at this point. Hip circles, swimming into leg pull down. So that's where we are.

So from swimming you would come up onto all fours, that's it, and go into your front support or plank position here and extend the legs behind you. Now lift your top your right foot up off the mat a few inches and point your toes.

From here rock your left heel back and forward and two and one more time. Now hold it forward, lower your toe back down and switch legs. And roll back.

So you're stretching long through the Achilles tendon. It's not jerky. You're really trying to stretch through. And lower your foot back down.

Let's try one more to each leg here. Lower back the heel and forward. Also you're trying to keep the hips square and the shoulders stable. Lower your foot and switch to the other side. Back and forward. One last time here. Then lower both feet down to the mat. Lower your knees to the mat and sit back towards a rest pose here.

And that's leg pull down.

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