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How to Do Kneeling Side Kicks in Pilates

Learn how to do kneeling side kicks, an advanced Pilates Mat workout, from Core Pilates NYC instructor Sarah Ruback in this Howcast workout video.


This is kneeling side kicks which occurs right after leg pull up. So you'll come up to kneeling facing the side of the mat. Your legs are slightly apart. And then raise your arms to a T position. Begin to lean towards your right side as you extend the left leg long on the mat. And hold it there for a moment. So align your wrist under your shoulder. The fingers are facing out on an angle. That's right. And then have a slight tuck of the tailbone so the hips are stacked. From here, you'll bring your top hand behind your head. Cupping the back of the neck to lengthen the spine. Then lift your top leg up so that it's in line with the hip. From here, flex your top heal, flex it 2 times forward and once to the back. And continue this 3 more times. So your range of motion here in this position, will be much smaller than what you were able to do in the side kick series because you're in a much more unstable position. That's it, Madeline. Lower your knee down here and bend it. Then come back to your kneeling position with your arms in a T. And you'll switch to the other side. So side bend to the left side. Lower your hands to the mat and extend your right leg long. Now from here, imagine like you're a piece of toast in a toaster. You don't want to be burned. So both sides are drawing in the front and back. The top hand is behind your head. Lift your leg, flex your heel, then kick the leg forward 2 times. Point the toe and reach back. And again here, keeping the legs nice and stable. That's it. Just one more time, Madeline so you're even on both sides. So bring your legs centered here. Lower your leg down to the mat, bend your knees, then come right back up to kneeling. And lower your arms down. That's kneeling side kicks. Now if you want to challenge that exercise, you can incorporate some of the choreography from the side kick series such as the small circle or the up-down.

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