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How to Do the Star in Pilates

Learn how to do the star, an advanced Pilates Mat exercise, from Core Pilates NYC instructor Sarah Ruback in this Howcast workout video.


This is star which happens right after side bends because it's sort of an advancement of side bends. Star is really a challenge of choreography, of control, and balance.

To begin, we'll get into the side bend position. You're wrist is underneath your shoulder, extend both legs, and find your side plank position. Try to find yourself steady with the shoulders, hips, and ankles stacked. From here lift your top leg and arm up towards the ceiling, and lower it down. Then reach your top arm and leg forward in front of you, and then back. Then the top arm will go forward, the top leg will go back. And bring everything to the center.

We'll repeat this. Lift the top arm and leg up, and lower. Arms and legs to the front, and center. Then arm forward, leg back, hold it here, then lower your hips down towards the mat. And you'll switch to the other side.

Again, bringing your right wrist here underneath your right shoulder, extend your legs long, and lift your hips up off the mat. Now, inhale, lift your top arm and leg up towards the ceiling, and lower it down. Then reach the top arm and leg forward, center. Reach the top arm forward and the top leg back. Very nice. And keep going here, Madeline.

So the shoulders are pulling together, the collarbones are wide, and you're actively pushing yourself away from the mat. Then on this last one there's a little variation at the very end. That's it. So the top arm forward, top leg back. Now hold it here, and you'll go into an attitude shape which means you're bending the back knee as you're stretching through the top arm. Then stack your top leg over the bottom leg, lower your arm to your side, and lower down into the mat.

And that's the star.

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