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How to Do Pilates with Sarah Ruback

Learn about Sarah Ruback of Core Pilates NYC, one of Howcast's Pilates experts, in this video.


Kim: Hi. My name is Kim Villanueva, and I'm co-owner of Core Pilates NYC, which is located in Union Square right here in Manhattan.

Sarah Ruback: I'm the Director of Education at Core Pilates. I'm also senior staff, and I am a teacher trainer. I've been with Core for about seven years. I was in their very first comprehensive class. I came to Core and to Pilates via acting. So I have studied in acting, dance, vocal training, and I've been a dancer since I was three. So it was a natural progression for me. So fitness really is my life now, and I'm very fortunate for that.

Madeline: I'm Madeline, and I'm an instructor at Core Pilates NYC. I've been practicing Pilates for six years. I came to Pilates as a way to help strengthen my dancing, and here I am.

Kim: Core Pilates NYC landed in Union Square in about 2002. So we're moving into our tenth year of being in the fitness world. I personally started doing Pilates in 1991. I also came from a dance background, and I got injured. During my injury, I couldn't find any kind of exercise that would help rehabilitate me until I found Pilates. It was always something that I loved, and I just dove right into it. I met my business partner in a program that we did together, and in a discussion on an elevator, we decided that Core Pilates NYC was going to be our baby, and we have nurtured it ten years now. As well as being a training studio for clients, teaching them Pilates, we also teach teachers how to teach other people Pilates. That part of our business, part of our model, has gone international where we've trained people in Hong Kong, New Zealand, Rome, Chicago, as well as Los Angeles. So we're really happy to be thriving and love what we do.

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