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How to Do a Basic Ninjutsu Hip Throw

Learn a basic hip throw from Sensei Oliver Martin in this Howcast ninjutsu video.


So, we're just going to demonstrate a basic hip throw.

Run to our attack position. Okay. You first want to come up and expand. Enter in with the right foot. Okay. At his right, and as he comes in, you want to turn and grab the back of his, his belt. And then, look left. And that movement will turn your spine and put your hips in the position where he will just sort of fall over your balance point. You can see how important it is to place your feet in the right. [Pause] And to keep your feet in an almost like you're in a slip, snow, snow plow when you're skiing. So, open him up. Come in. Put him down. Okay.

Just a little bit about the basic hip throw.

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