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How to Do the Zenpo Geri aka Forward Kick in Ninjutsu

Learn the Zenpo Geri, also known as the forward kick, from Sensei Oliver Martin in this Howcast ninjutsu video.


So, here's a demonstration of the Front Kick in Ninjutsu, called Zenpo Geri, alright? As you're facing your opponent, you want to make sure that you chamber your knee into your shoulder, just like so. My knee should, pretty much, be hitting my shoulder, at this point. And then, as it chambers into the shoulder, you want to move it out, just like so, Okay? So slowly, I'm going to chamber it into my shoulder and move it out. Okay, one more time. As you step forward, you want to be doing this whole action, so it's one clean kick. This is Zenpo Geri.

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