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How to Do the Koho Ukemi aka Backward Breakfall in Ninjutsu

Learn the Koho Ukemi, also known as the backward breakfall, from Sensei Oliver Martin in this Howcast ninjutsu video.


Here's a demonstration of the koho ukemi or the backward brave-fall. Okay so as you can see its important for you to allow yourself fall and kick out with the right leg, and absorb all of the shock or force with the right leg. Just allow yourself to sink down on one knee, and sit to almost just sitting and then as you fall back you want to fall back on a diagonal as you roll onto this right shoulder and then back up into kumai. Okay, one more time. Absorbing all the shock on one knee, kicking your leg out and falling on this hip, and rolling back onto this shoulder. Koho ukemi.

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