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How to Do the Chi No Kata Technique from Sanchin No Kata

Learn the Chi No Kata technique, part of Sanchin No Kata, from Sensei Oliver Martin in this Howcast ninjutsu video.


So this is the beginning form of the Sanchimo Kata from the basic pattern of movements, it's very integral for Guro types of movement. This particular pattern is called Chino Kata.

Good! So as you can see in this particular posture and movement, you want to start out in this Sanchino akamai, okay, and from here you want to step forward, okay, and as you step forward you're really releasing this hand, here, from your waist down. So as I shift forward, my hand is moving down.

And my arm is now completely extended. From here I'm going to step through, and my hips are cambered, and I twist and turn and then up comes the strike, which is called Sanchi Gonkin. And it should be at about your eye level, so again the whole movement in here, up. As if you're scooping water from the ocean.

This is Chino Kata.

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