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How to Do the Sui No Kata Technique from Sanchin No Kata

Learn the Sui No Kata technique, part of Sanchin No Kata, from Sensei Oliver Martin in this Howcast ninjutsu video.


So from the sanchin no kata, this is the sui no kata, or the Water Form.

Good. So again, here you can see this movement is very important for the foundation of budo taijitsu movement. So again, we're starting on in this kamae, okay, the sanshin no kamae. Here, and stepping off line, and again doing out jodan uke as we demonstrated before. Okay. And then coming up, the arm come up across my forehead, and as I step through, okay, I then turn my spine, and out come what's known as shuto, or the blade edge. Omote shuto. Okay. So palm is facing up. Here. So again, one more time. So here, your jodan uke, all right. Your hand come up over the forehead, you step forward, and you strike.
This is sui no kata.

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