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How to Do the Ka No Kata Technique from Sanchin No Kata

Learn the Ka No Kata technique, part of Sanchin No Kata, from Sensei Oliver Martin in this Howcast ninjutsu video.


So, from the sanchin no kata, this is the ka form or ka no kata.

Great, so again from the same posture, again you're doing your jodan uke, here, all right? Then as you come up across, this time you're going to come up across your neck here, just as you would jumanji no kami, all right? But from here, you're going to step through and this time, you're just going to push your arm out like so.

It's very important for the fundamental movements of Budo types, here. And here in this particular set of movements, we're really learning how to use the body, the entire movement of the body, in order to deliver force, which is really the essence of these movements.

This is ka no kata.

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