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How to Do the Fu No Kata Technique from Sanchin No Kata

Learn the Fu No Kata technique, part of Sanchin No Kata, from Sensei Oliver Martin in this Howcast ninjutsu video.


So from the saichin no kata, this is the fu pattern, or wind pattern, fu no kata.

Great. So again here, this time we're going to come down into gedon uke, all right, and as we step forward, this time we're going to take our boshi ken, or the thumb strike. From here I'm going to move forward, turn my spine, and deliver the strike as if it's almost like a spear. Okay. So, from here, gedon uke, and this to deliver the strike. Then as you get more and more advanced it just becomes, more and more, one movement. Okay. So from here, I'm coming through. You really want to feel the entire spine deliver the strike, okay?

This is fu no kata.

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