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How to Do the Ku No Kata Technique from Sanchin No Kata

Learn the Ku No Kata technique, part of Sanchin No Kata, from Sensei Oliver Martin in this Howcast ninjutsu video.


From the Sanchin No Kata, this is the ku or void pattern, Ku No Kata.

Great. So here again, you really want to focus on staying our Kumai. And as we move into Gayon Ukeai, the lower level block. Make sure you're using your spine to thrust forward, and this is the Mitsubishi part, where you are distracting your opponents vision. Okay. Then as your doing this, you're hindering the knee into the shoulder again. Just like we demonstrated before on. Here and step forward.

This is a very, very good foundation movement to practice for your Kiri as well. Then as you get more advanced, as an attack comes in, here. Okay, here, all right. You can come in like so. Boom. Distract and then ... Good.

This is Ku No Kata.

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