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How to Do Jumonji No Kata Technique from Koshi Kihon Sanpo

Learn the Jumonji No Kata technique, part of Koshi Kihon Sanpo, from Sensei Oliver Martin in this Howcast ninjutsu video.


This is the jumonji no kata from kihon sanpo.

Great. Okay. So again, here, we're starting on a jumonji no kata, all right? And as he delivers his strike, I'm getting off 45 degrees, okay, and I'm going to deliver my strike really with my spine. Okay? Here, all right? And as I come in, I'm going to thrust in with my knees. Boom. Here, okay. Almost like delivering a spear to his midsection. All right. And then I'm going to return to the kami again, and he's going to come in for another strike, okay, and I'm going to come into my kami here, and deliver a strike. Okay. For jumonji no kata.

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