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How to Do the Omote Gyaku Technique of Torite Goho Patterns

Learn the Omote Gyaku technique, part of Torite Goho patterns, from Sensei Oliver Martin in this Howcast ninjutsu video.


So moving on to the twenty tape goal hole patterns in the kiron hap, this is amultayed yahu.

Great, so the important thing to remember here is that as he grabs you want be able to cover this hand first in the beginning. Then as I'm initiating this movement it is almost like I am going to do a jona huken. All right. And from there I really want to keep his body going facing upward like so I want to get on this 45 degree angle and then roll over and then secure. okay.

Okay, one more time so as he comes in I am going to turn my spine and keep my hand almost like it is hooked on to his thumb. OK. And then from here, okay, I am going to step 45 degrees and do the wrist lock. Okay, this is emulated yahu.

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