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How to Do the Ura Gyaku Technique from Torite Goho Patterns

Learn the Ura Gyaku technique, part of Torite Goho Patterns, from Sensei Oliver Martin in this Howcast ninjutsu video.


So, moving on, this is Ura Gyaku.

Good. Okay, so as my attacker comes in, I again want to cover here. Alright? This is very important. And then, as they come over, I want to start sinking my knees, right. So, I take him a little bit off balance here. Right? Okay, and then I come up, with my whole body, alright, turning my spine. And then from here, I'll put the lock on his wrist. I'm also extending my legs and really spreading them out. So, it's not just about the wrist lock, it's about spreading his body out and taking his balance. This is Ura Gyaku.

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