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How to Do Gon Signagi Technique from Torite Goho Patterns

Learn the Gon Signagi technique, part of the Torite Goho patterns, from Sensei Oliver Martin in this Howcast ninjutsu video.


So, now we're going to explore Gon Signagi. Great. So, as he takes my arm again. I want to give the feeling like I'm going to be coming into the quick of his elbow, and then at the last minute I'm going to take the other side of his elbow. Okay? And move into my stance, here. And then, as I get this straight arm effect, okay, I'm going to shift my weight forward and transfer his wrist up to my neck here. All right? And as I keep this straight arm, I'm going to move my feet inside his legs here, really stretching the body out. Okay? And then from here it's almost as if I'm going to be throwing a shot put. I'm just going to throw the rock out into space. This is Gon Signagi.

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