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Tai Sabaki & Zan Shin Ninjutsu Moves aka Evasion & Awareness

Learn Tai Sabaki and Zan Shin, also known as evasion and awareness, from Sensei Oliver Martin in this Howcast ninjutsu video.


One important idea in Ninjitsu is the idea of Ashi Sabaki. So now we are going to demonstrate some basic Ashi Sabaki in Budo Taijitsu movement. OK, so it's important to remember that this form of movement is very important for getting your body out of the way, which you will see in a lot of different Budo Taijitsu laws over techniques. In essence, when the attacker comes in, you want to be moving with your feet first to get out of the way, to get out of the road. OK?

And here in this first movement, I'm really moving on a 45-degree angle, OK, and getting on that rear leg as much as possible, about 80 percent of my weight is on this rear leg, OK? One more time, moving off to the side at a 45-degree angle. And then in another basic movement you can be thinking of Yoko Aruki, or just sort of walking in this Yoko Aruki method on the same angle, 45-degree angle. OK, all right, same idea. These are just basic footworking movements to begin perfecting your Taijitsu movements. So this is an example of a basic Budo Taijitsu Ashi Sabaki Movement.

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