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Advanced Technique in Ninjutsu

Learn about advanced techniques in ninjutsu from Sensei Oliver Martin in this Howcast video.


The idea of an advanced technique in ninjutsu really comes from the idea of basic techniques in ninjutsu. Meaning that you really have to master basic techniques in order to even have a hope of exploring advanced technique. Really, and matter of fact, it's not a linear thing you are always going in a cycle. You are always reexamining your basic movements and your basic foundation in whatever type of style you are doing. In ninjutsu you really have to keep that cycle in mind. So an advanced technique is born out of this ability to continuously be refining your basic movements to such a degree that they become actually advanced in that process. So there really is no advanced technique, per se. Advancement comes from continual refinement more than anything. So that's probably just a little bit about the advanced techniques in ninjutsu and how to attain them.

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