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Fubuki from Kukishinden Ryu Advanced Ninjutsu Technique

Learn the Fubuki as part of the Kukishinden Ryu advanced technique from Sensei Oliver Martin in this Howcast ninjutsu video.


So moving on to some more advanced techniques from kukishenden ryu, this technique is called fuguki.

Good. OK. So breaking it down a little bit here, he's going to grab me at my lapel, and then he's going to strike and as I move off line, I'm going to take the wrist here. And now he's going to come in for a kick, so I'm going to get offline again and come down? And then from there, I'm going to take his elbow here, because I still have this wrist lock? I kick that leg out and come underneath and put my shoulder right underneath his elbow. I'm still keeping this lock on. Then from here, I'm going to come over the top, and throw him. It's quite difficult to actually escape from the throw.

This is fuguki.

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