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5 Facts about Close Combat Ninjutsu Tactics

Learn about close combat tactics from Sensei Oliver Martin in this Howcast ninjutsu video.


Close combat techniques used in ninjutsu obviously derive from our taijutsu movement, and that style of movement really comes from a school of thought of being able to subdue a larger, faster, stronger opponent through your use of body dynamics and your mastery of your own internal balance and coordination through the practice of different waza and other types of conditioning training.

So the close-quarter combat is really at that point you've developed your instincts and movement awareness enough so that you can really deal with any situation, whether it be in a small hallway or a large room or even a battlefield, many different types of environments. It's just a general instinct after a while, how to move your body in any sort of combative situation, which is the goal of our training. That's just a little bit about how close-quarter combat works in development of our training.

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