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How to Do a Basic Ninjutsu Sword Draw

Learn the basic sword draw from Sensei Oliver Martin in this ninjutsu video from Howcast.


So just moving through basically how to draw a sword, you want to be able to have a little bit of flexibility and mobility here so when you actually begin the draw you draw the scabbard out with the sword, okay? And then you actually want to grab more or less at the center here, okay, and as you do you actually want to pull the scabbard off.

Okay. This is very important alright? So that is you extend the sword out, you've actually already taken the scabbard off most of the way, so it just slips out, alright. This is basically the arm movement for your Battōjutsu, or your sword drawing, okay? So you want to bring it out to the center, you take the scabbard off, and then you just have a little bit further to go and then it slips right out, okay. You want to avoid actually drawing the sword like this.

You really just want to take the scabbard off, so you can utilize your footwork, your handwork in order to get the sword up as efficiently as possible. So this is just a little bit about basics of Battō or Battōjutsu.

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