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How to Do a Basic Ninjutsu Sword Cut

Learn the basic sword cut from Sensei Oliver Martin in this Howcast ninjutsu video.


For a basic sword cut you want to be in this jodan no kami [sp ?], and as you cut you want to have the feeling of almost throwing the sword out. You really want to aim for cutting with the tip, the very tip of the sword. This is the most optimal point in order to cut. It's almost like I am going to be throwing the sword out into space. It's going to provide the best motion for cutting. Also, the movement of my body the stepping motion and movement of the spine is also providing a lot of the force and momentum behind the cut. It's just a matter of practicing the basic arm movements and then perfecting your ability to match that with your aiki sebachi [sp ?], or your step. It's just a little bit about the basics of your sword cut.

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