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How to Do Bojutsu Kamae Basic Ninjutsu Postures

Learn the Bojutsu Kamae basic postures for Bojutsu training from Sensei Oliver Martin in this Howcast ninjutsu video.


So, now, we're going to explore some of the weapons from Budo Taijitsu, and now we're going to look at some of these stances or Kamai from Bojutsu training.

The first stance is Jodan Nokamai. Again, it's similar in the stance that we did before to. The weight distribution on the back leg. Try to find the correct geometry. Practice these until you find the correct geometry. You've got a feeling for holding the weapon in relationship, to your body. This is called Judan Komai.

All right and then Indo Komai. Then Hasoma Kin Shi Komai... I will say is if you're listening to him. These are some of the basic postures for Bojutsu training.

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