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How to Do Goho from Bojutsu Training in Ninjutsu

Learn about Gojo training from Sensei Oliver Martin in this Howcast ninjutsu video.


So now we're going to explore a little bit more advanced technique from
the bojutsu training, this is called Goho. Great, so as you can see
there's quite a bit involved in this one. Um. We want to start out doing
what's called which is just spinning the bow, ok learning how to use
the momentum of the bow to deliver a strike.

Alright. And it's important
to feel the balance point so that when you move to attack, alright,
you're able to utilize the full momentum of the stick. Now you can also
see how it's important to move the stick through my hands. Alright and
then I can attack the leg. Alright. And back from here, using my
whole body movement, shifting back and forth, alright, I'm then going to
move it almost like it's a helicopter, to the temple.

Okay. One more
time. From here, just feeling the balance of the bow, okay, then
deliver, and then, okay and being able to keep my distance, alright,
is very important. And then coming in, okay, from this. A little bit of Goho.

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