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How to Do Bo Furi Gata from Bojutsu Training in Ninjutsu

Learn the Bo Furi Gata, part of Bojutsu training, from Sensei Oliver Martin in this Howcast ninjutsu video.


Looking at a little bit of the basic training for your Bojutsu training, a basic drill is called Bo Furi Gata, and essentially it has to do with just learning how to maintain a balance point in the bow as you spin it through space.

So really, the essence of doing this is just working on doing it slowly in the beginning, so I want to take you to my left hand more or less at the center, feeling the balance point, and being able to keep track of that. And then I push down, and as it rotates through, I'm
going to regrab it at the center. And then as it's spinning around again, I'm going to walk through so that my shoulders don't get caught up in it. So one more time, I'm just spinning and walking. Spinning and walking. All right?

And then, as you get good at feeling the balance point, you can then think about delivering a strike here, where you're more extended, and then retracting, spinning, and then striking. Retract and then strike here. So that you're able to deliver strikes and also be able to maintain mobility and your distancing with your opponent. This is Bo Furi Gata.

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