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How to Do the Muto Dori Ninjutsu Technique

Learn the Muto Dori technique from Sensei Oliver Martin in this Howcast ninjutsu video.


This is called mutodori, which is essentially how to defend yourself when you're unarmed against an attacker who has a blade or sword. The important thing is timing in mutodori. So getting out of the way, and being able to cover distance. So here I'm keeping my hands in a secure position and coming here within the first range. Then I'm not really grabbing. It's very dangerous to grab. You really can't grab a sword. It's far too quick and dangerous. You can really just learn to feel where it is and then hope for the best. Then as I come through, I really want to try to get in here to his hands as much as possible, as soon as possible and try to get a grip. From there, maybe strike down and take out the arms and work my way in.

As he comes down, I really have to take as much distance as I can to get out of the way, because he's probably going to turn at this point and want to come through. So as he does that, I need to be aware right here and be getting inside this area so that I can take control of not just the blade but also his body and his balance. Just a little bit about mutodori.

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