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How to Do Kusari-Fundo Ninjutsu Techniques

Learn Kusari-Fundo techniques from Sensei Oliver Wood in this Howcast ninjutsu video.


So now we'll demonstrate some techniques with the Kusari-fundo, which is a chain with two iron ends. So, for purposes of demonstration I won't be using a real one. It's normally actually about this long, and usually the ends are about two to three inches, sometimes shorter, but it's a very effective weapon.

Okay. So normally you want to try to maybe conceal it in your hand like so, okay, and then he comes in for his strike you can strike the hand or you can strike directly into the eyes. And if it comes back into your hand like so, maybe strike the top of the head, alright. Okay.

There's many different options, you just want to get an idea though of the swinging nature of this type of a weapon because the chain allows for a certain type of the movement. And if you come in using Taijutsu, okay, and not being too obsessed with using the chain, but using it as a extension. Okay. This is a Kusari-fundo.

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