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How to Use Metsubushi Ninjutsu Techniques

Learn to use Metsubushi techniques from Sensei Oliver Martin in this Howcast ninjutsu video.


So, one important idea, especially in Togakure-ryū school, is the idea of Metsubushi, which has to do with taking away your attacker's eyesight. Traditionally, Metsubushi would be made up of some type of blinding powder, maybe even hot pepper. Many different types of ingredients could be used. I'm sure you can use your imagination.

Everything from sand to glass; obviously cayenne pepper would be great. So, traditionally, Metsubushi was worn inside a jacket pocket, all right, but it's not really confined to any one place. Just for purposes of tradition, we'll just show basic, standard Metsubushi movement using Taijitsu. Okay. So, he comes in for the punch, all right, and I'm just going to step to the side, and throw. All right? Okay. One more time. I'm going to come in my jacket, okay, and just throw to the face. Should we do one more time?


Okay. Again, using timing to come in. And you just want to have a clear movement that's pointing directly into the eyes. Okay. Get on the cord. Even when I don't really have something, you can still distract your opponent's attention using this type of movement. So, just a little introduction to Metsubushi.

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