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How to Use the Kusarigama in Ninjutsu

Learn how to use the Kusarigama from Sensei Oliver Martin in this Howcast ninjutsu video.


This you'll probably notice is a common gardening tool and it says a little bit about the history of these types of weapons. Often times farmers would use what they have available to them in order to construct weapons to use against people who were attacking them. So that was a little bit about the history of the kusarigama which is essentially just one of these traditional gardening tools attached to a chain and usually some sort of iron weight at the end. So here's just a few simple demonstrations of. So you can see it's quite easy to get the attacker caught up in the chain. Without really tying him up to seriously. So again you wanna try to distract him so you can get inside, right, and use it as a shield more or less. OK. And then once you're inside you can really do anything you need to. Right, OK, by using the chain. He gets them. But again it's about having an idea about where you're at in space and utilizing everything together. OK. Just one example of the use of the kusarigama.

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