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How to Defend against a Knife in Ninjutsu

Learn how to defend against a knife from Sensei Oliver Martin in this Howcast ninjutsu video.


So let's look at a simple basic movement dealing with a knife attack. So the first element is to make sure that you get out of the way first. Alright? He's going to go for my stomach and I really need to move my body out of the way completely. Okay? Alright?

Once I'm there I want to attach myself to him somehow, right? And use my body to create a way to take care of the knife. But you have to pay attention to his body not just to the knife. Right? The knife is very fast. He's going to come in here. Okay? I'm just going to start out that way. Here. Alright?

Almost like I'm getting cut. Right? Almost like I'm getting cut. Boom. Alright? Then come jam it back in. Maybe come in here. Alright.

Here's some simple basic ideas on how to avoid a knife. Remember that knives are very quick. It's very difficult to avoid being cut at all in a real knife fight. Your idea is really more to survive and not to be critically cut in a situation where you're being attacked by the knife.

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