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5 Facts about the History of Ninjutsu

Learn five facts about the history of ninjutsu from Sensei Oliver Martin in this Howcast video.


The history of Ninjutsu is not a simple thing because you are talking about ninjas who are very good at hiding things and so it's hard to know exactly what historical events were affected by ninjas and Ninjutsu in general. In Japan it's been around since the beginning of Japan and has grown up through different martial art schools to become highly developed in the war states period the time in Japan used ninjas as spies and intelligent gatherers. Ninjutsu has its effect even today through the military coming to Japan from all over the world and learning from the ninjas grand masters that I studied with and so Ninjutsu is still going on today and that's really a brief over view of the history of Ninjutsu.

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