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6 Differences between Kobudo & Gendai Budo

Learn six differences between Kobudo and Gendai Budo from Sentai Oliver Martin in this Howcast ninjutsu video.


So in understanding the martial arts from Japan it's important to know about the distinction between kobudo, which is the older traditional schools of martial arts in Japan, primarily before the Meiji era and the schools that came out after that which are more of the gendai budo which is the modern martial arts school of those with the more of your modern karate schools and aikido and even jiu jitsu schools and then you have the older kobudo schools which still have lot of the elements of battlefield, tactics, weapons, katana and various other studies in them and its very important to understand the evolution from kobudo to gendai budo or the traditional older schools of martial arts in Japan and then the new schools of martial arts in Japan as it relates to ninjutsu training.

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