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Are There Any Special Skills Required to Learn Ninjutsu?

Learn what special skills are required to learn ninjutsu from Sensei Oliver Martin in this Howcast video.


I would say the skills that are important in learning ninjutsu are definitely a lot of patience. You also have to have a knack for it and a desire to do it. I almost want to say some people are born to do it anyway and you really got to have that capacity to absorb a particular type of movement and in terms of the philosophy of budo and martial arts you have to have a deep desire to explore that type of world and that's very important for learning ninjutsu is just that willingness to be open in your heart and also have the willingness to be patient all the time, because it is a long process and it takes time, certain things take time to grow inside you through your training process. You wanna be able to allow that to happen. So to learn ninjutsu you need a lot of patience, you need the capacity to do it. You will need the heart and you need the open-mindedness.

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