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What Is the Difference between Past & Present Ninjas?

Learn about ninjas past and present from Sensei Oliver Martin in this Howcast ninjutsu video.


There are some people that would say there really aren't ninja around anymore, that a ninja is a very high level person. Some would say the Takamatsu Sensai was really the last ninja. For people who think that they can just put on a black gi and do some ninja movements and tai jitsu and think that they're a ninja really have another think coming. In order to study ninjitsu, I think you've got to have that respect first that an actual ninja was someone of a very, very, very high level, and it's not something that's easily obtainable. It's certainly not as easy as just putting on a black gi and a mask and learning how to throw some powder or something like that, like you see in the movies.

I think really to understand what a ninja is or was, you've really got to experience something of ninja training first. Hopefully you have exposure to someone who has knowledge of ninjitsu and perhaps even a ninja to really understand the context that the term "ninja" denotes. Because it's not an easy thing to attain the levels of skill that ninja were known for in traditional Japan. So I think that respect has to be there as you gain a greater understanding of the term "ninja" and what that actually meant.

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