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What Is the Difference between Hollywood & Real Ninjas?

Learn about Hollywood ninjas versus real ninjas from Sensei Oliver Martin in this Howcast ninjutsu video.


The difference between the Hollywood version of ninjutsu as it's been portrayed and the reality of ninjutsu is pretty big. There are elements of truth, of course, within the movies, but there are a lot of misconceptions in the movies as well.

I think if a person wants to know more about the true reality of ninjutsu they have to do some study and find some real sources who've actually experienced and studied the art. And come to a greater understanding that ninjutsu, in reality, is a very refined school or body of knowledge about how to survive, and live life, and endure that has come up through history and been developed to a very high level in Japan. If you want to know more about the reality of ninjutsu you really need to go to Japan and perhaps knock on Soke Masaki Hatsumi's door.

There is a lot of characterization in movies about the ninja. He's always running around in his suit. But ninja often were wearing lots of different types of things. The conception that they were always running around in a black suit and that they were assassins and this sort of low class people who were almost montrous in many ways it's not real.

There's a lot of truth to be said that the reality of ninjutsu is a place for highly refined people. As I've studied ninjutsu and looked into its background that's what I've found people to be - very high quality that I've known and studied with. I travelled to Japan and studied with people who were actually involved in the ninjutsu arts.

Ninja really had many different jobs in traditional Japan. They were not always just spies and assassins and murderers as has been characterized in many movies. They had a lot of different high positions and even low positions, but their presence was multifaceted throughout history. To purely characterize them as people running around in the night, and setting off smoke bombs, and chanting magical spells to kill someone from a distance is not the entire truth.

So, anyone really wanting to know the truth about ninjutsu needs to look into that extra 98 percent that hasn't really been characterized in the movies at all.

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