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What Is the Ninja Diet?

Learn about the ninja diet from Sensei Oliver Martin in this Howcast ninjutsu video.


So in the beginning of training the diet is important, to eat uncooked raw food as much as possible in order to refine the senses. In Japan that would be brown rice and vegetables. Of course if you are in other parts of the world then you have to adapt to that diet there and as your experience level becomes more refined you want to eventually be able to adapt to any type of food in any type of environment so that you are not restricted. But in general the diet in ninjutsu is one to purify and to refine the senses so that if one eats too much cooked food there's a dulling effect on your senses and the practitioner would often try to have clear senses as much as possible for obviously heightened awareness in martial arts and in martial arts situations.

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