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What Is Reggae Dancehall?

Learn about reggae dancehall from the founders of Str8FramYaad Dancehall Aerobics in this Howcast dance video.


Well, Reggae Dance Hall basically is an offspring of Reggae music, right? Reggae music which is, you know, like Bob Marley. Dance Hal you know, is the more up-tempo, more grungy and more gully side of the genre. It's just a more up-tempo and with more grunge and more, you know, more grab.

It's more, Dance Hall, both of them are from the same place which is the inner city and the ghetto and stuff like that. Dance Hall is more kind of like an underground type of thing, you know? Yeah, whereas Reggae music is mainstream because you have Bob Marley and the likes of them people but with Dance Hall it's the latest genre that's been added since the '90s, you know what I mean?

With the likes of the Yellow Man, you know? Mon Tequila, Beanie Man, (??), Ninja Man, just to name a few. Yeah? But right now the people you have out, Shawn Paul, Elephant Man, you know? All those guys represent Dance Hall. Whitestarter, that's Dance Hall right here. You know what I mean?

So that's the big thing with Dance Hall music. Where it came from, it's just an offspring. It's the same Jamaican dialect that's coming out through your speakers but you just have a more up-tempo to it, you know? And it has a little bit more edge than the Reggae whereas Reggae is like you have nice.

Dance Hall, you know, you have...

You know what I mean? So that's the two differences. Mostly, it is within the tempo of the music, yeah? It's within the tempo and the grunge behind the music? Yeah?

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