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Good Reggae Dancehall Music

Learn about good reggae dancehall artists from the founders of Str8FramYaad Dancehall Aerobics in this Howcast dance video.


All right, good Reggae dance hall music. If you really want to listen to some good Reggae dance hall music, you need to-, anything that's coming from the inner cities, you know what I mean. Like from Keystone, Montego Bay or them places. Anything that's coming form the underground. That's real good dance hall music like people like I do, even like the young guys do.

You got people like (??) and (??), you know. And (??), you know? Just to name a few but for you to look for good dance hall music, anything that's coming out of the garrison community, like the real-, that is where good dance hall music inspiration comes from. The hard life.

Basically as I said, they tell you the same story as the reggae artists but it's just with more grunge and those guys' life is a little more graphic and they are going to paint the picture as is, you know? So that's they key. If you want to listen to some real good dance hall music, look up those guys that I told you about before and check out the producers.

They are people like Rashanya, people like Big Ship, people like Green Sleeve. Green Sleeve does a lot of good stuff. Left Side and because they kind of take it to the next level, you know. Like anything from those, that is art antique. It would be a most, that would be a good dance soundtrack. And anything from as a producer because he's a really good producer.

You got people like Elephant Man, you know what I mean? Beanie Man is a must. Mon Tequila if you really want big vice. Vice Cartel is a must and as a singer you need Wind Wonder, yeah? Definitely need Wind Wonder. You can't leave out Wind Wonder because Wind Wonder is like a big when it comes to real dance hall scene.

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