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What to Expect at a Reggae Dancehall Party

Learn what to expect at a reggae dancehall party from the founders at Str8FramYaad Dancehall Aerobics in this Howcast dance video.


What to expect at a dance off party. Well, how you have fun at a dance off party is really up to you as an individual. Do you know what I mean? Because anyone could create a hit dance at a Jamaican dance off party. You do not have to be one of the biggest dancers. You do not have to be a Black Blingers, or you don't have to be a Bogle. You know? Sometimes you would be surprised. I will give you a quick history.

The dance Dutty Wine, it came from kids in Mobile doing a dance called Frog Back, and then the Frog Back morphed into the Dutty Wine. So do you understand? It is just for you to go out and have fun in your own way. Just remember to keep in unison to the beat. Once you are feeling that rhythm and you have that move and that motion, and you have that connection, everything else will flow right into place. So do not be shy when you go to a dance off party seeing everyone doing all the dances and it seems like everyone in the party knows one another because everything looks choreographed; no. That is not the case. The case is those dances are being done every day by the same people every day. So if you want to go and enjoy yourself in a different form or a different manner just go and as I said, your key thing is; be in unison with the beat. Just worry about that rhythm because that rhythm will take you wherever. Do you understand? That is the fun part about it. See that? You do not have to be shy. You do not have to feel any way like 'only if I am doing this right or only if I am doing this wrong'.

Next quick, fun fact; the dance Willie Bones, which is one of the biggest dances. Willie Haggart isn't a dancer. Bogle is the dancer, which is his best friend, they are like this. You know what I mean? BFFs for life. You know what I mean? But Bogle is the one who took the way Willie Haggart always moves and turned it into a dance and a dance that went big. Willie Haggart was just a party man. All he does is go to parties, spends a lot of money and he enjoys himself. Bogle took how Willie acts and turned that into a dance so don't be surprised if you are in a dance right now, a Jamaican dance party, just enjoying yourself, doing your own thing because, you find that unison with the beat, and then you hear on the radio there is a dance off. Everything in dance art culture is art imitating life.

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