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3 Easy Reggae Dancehall Moves

Learn three easy reggae dancehall moves from the founders of Str8FramYaad Dancehall Aerobics in this Howcast dance video.


Woman: Okay. So right now Daemon is going to demonstrate some easy dance hall
moves. We're going to do the Bogo, the Rockaway, and the
Signal De Plane.

So right now what he's doing is the Rockaway. It's all about the shoulders just moving right to left, that's it just swagging it right to left. And you can add your own style to it, too. And like we said earlier, it's all about catching the rhythm of the music, moving
with the dance hall beat. Just rock with it, rock, and rock with it.

Daemon: Just rock your shoulders back, and kind of slightly lean to the
rock, rock, and rock.

Woman: So the Bogo is with some arm extensions, I mean you're going to just move your arms in a circular motion like a bicycle, extend the arms, there you go. And lean back with it. Simple dance hall moves. You can't forget the trigger finger, too. Add the
trigger finger.

Daemon: Yeah.

Woman: Lean back with it. Bogo. Signal Da plane, you're going to
cross the arms, Signal Da Plane. Cross. So you're going to wave, wave
the arms, and bring them back. Simple dance hall moves.

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